AVO Air Intake Noise Tube - FR-S/BRZ/86

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Silicone Inlet Pipes provide better flow and excellent durability compared to stock. Our multi-layer reinforced and wire reinforced inlets are the standard that others attempt to copy.

AVO's reinforced silicone inlet kits are essential for getting the most air to the turbo.

Our inlets for the newer models are as large as you can go without creating clearance issues.

They come with steel adapters to match up to the stock MAF hose if necessary. 5-ply reinforced silicone construction keeps them from collapsing under pressure.

Our reinforced Short Silicone Inlet Pipe fits between the stock airbox and the turbo inlet pipe. Remove the old "accordion" style hose and replacing it with our design has shown an improvement in air flow thanks to it's smooth inner design.

3 Colors Available