MCS 3 Way Remote Canister Coilover - FR-S/BRZ/86

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  • Monotube Design
  • 18 Clicks Of High Speed Compression Adjustment
  • 10 Clicks Of Low Speed Compression Adjustment
  • 18 Clicks Of Rebound Adjustment
  • 22mm Strut And Shock Shafts
  • Adjustable Reservoir Nitrogen Pressure

Aluminum Spring Perch Kit To Fir OEM Springs As Required In SCCA Stock C

The MCS 3-Way damper is the ultimate damper for professional racers or anyone that demands ultimate performance. The 3-Way remote reservoir canister has been designed to give the engineer, suspension tuner, or driver more control over the vehicle platform by adding adjustment to the low-speed compression damping performance.

These dampers are packed with technical features but with an elegantly clean execution. The monotube design is very stable with more oil capacity and better heat dissipation than twin tube dampers. Large shafts give extremely high, low-friction side-load support unmatched by shocks inverted and converted for strut applications. The large main piston gives quick, accurate damper response and the divider piston separates oil and gas, eliminating cavitation which often causes noise and sloppiness.

This damper set features a full 18 clicks of high-speed compression, 10 clicks low-speed compression, and 18 clicks of rebound adjustment. The low-speed bump adjuster is located on top of the high-speed adjuster and can be adjusted independently. The reservoir pressure can be adjusted between 100 – 275 PSI to help support the platform in fast cornering or generate more weight transfer / traction at low velocity.

The low-speed compression adjuster is very helpful to better control both body roll at turn-in, as well as pitch and squat movements. Reducing low-speed compression damping can help to quickly increase traction on bumpy tracks. Precise control of the chassis platform is a tremendous tuning advantage.